• tabby tom
  • a brown cat
  • a tabby and white she-cat
  • a black cat with green eyes
  • bluestar
  • bluestar again
  • bluestar again!
  • a grey cat with blue eyes e.g. bluestar
  • a brown and cream tom
  • a golden tabby
  • a bob tail light tabby
  • a dark brown and white, tom
  • a grey she-cat
  • a light tortoiseshell she-cat, with one blue eye and one amber eye
  • a light ginger cat
  • a dark browny cream cat with a brown tail/ears
  • a spotted tabby
  • a long haired white cat
  • a smoky grey cat
  • a long haired grey cat
  • a cream cat with brown tipped tail
  • a light ginger cat with black tipped tail
  • a spotted tabby cat
  • a mixed grey cat
  • a golden cat with black tipped tail and striped black paws/legs
  • a white and black longhaired cat
  • a silver cat spotted black with black striped tail
  • a mixed brown cat
  • a white longhaired cat with light ginger patches
  • a ginger tabby
  • a white cat with light brown tail
  • a tortoiseshell and white cat
  • a grey cat
  • a light grey cat
  • a musty tortoiseshell cat
  • a tabby cat
  • a silver cat with a grey over coat
  • a mustard brown cat with dark brown patches
  • a longish haired white cat
  • a black and brown tabby with white under coat
  • a golden spotted cat with black tipped tail
  • a black cat
here are some amazing pics of cats:

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