Black cat with green eyes

first one: get a piece of paper

Second: right down the first letter of your first name,

Third: let's say your name was Carly the options for the first part of your name would be: Dove, Ruby, Leaf, Black, And Crystal.

A: apple, white, raven, lion, tiger

B:dust, moon, gem, fire, Snow

c: Dove, Ruby, Leaf, Black, Crystal

D: glow, stone, flower, red, breeze

E: wolf, Rainbow, rose, summer, Branch

F: flair, angel, spring, fall, cloud

G: grass, shine, hope, winter, bush

H: sand, ripple, yellow, scrape, teal

I: ice, sky, ramble, berry, bloom

J: blue, green, spotted, grey, smoke

K: kale, song, dry, dapple, blossom

L: color, daisy, wind, wood, broken

M: sun, dusk, emerald, Phoenix, gold

N: ink, coal, braking, jagged, sky

O: lock, spark, constellation, ginger, silver

P: purple, lilly, high, spirit, rock

Q: far, quilt, quiet, bold, neko

R: scroll, crack, Cyan, diamond, odd

S: flutter, fiery, light, night, soul

Symbol StarClan-Shimmer

T: wing, twig, mist, whole, attack

U: time, remix, glass, ring, shine

V: blood, force, magic, storm, thunder,

W: willow, silk, tree, lightning, violet

X: frost, tusk, brick, burn, July

Y: lake, ocean, river, flag, cyber

Z: battle, seek, puddle, oak, fern

If you think that was easy your wrong!

Fourth: right down your address what is the first number? (If you don't know your address choose the number of rooms in your home)

1: pelt

2: heart

3: fur

4: fiery

5: shine 

6: berry

7: song

8: dot

9: star (If you don't want to be leader go with the number of rooms in your home) (or how many times you have taken this)