Featherleaf leads her patrol along the LightningClan border. She sniffs at a dead tree, and the rest of her patrol does the same. MoonClan's scent marks are strong, but LightningClans' are faint. A tiny scent trail leads across the border into MoonClan territory. She tells her patrol she is going to investigate, and if she calls "Patrol!" they must follow the sound of her voice and come to her. She follows the trail. Featherleaf pads down into a small grassy hollow. A mouse nibbles beside a clump of ferns. Suddenly, a pair of paws, one light yellow and one white, shoot out from the bushes. A light yellow and white tom steps out and picks up the mouse. "What do you want?" Featherleaf calls. The tom's eyes and hers lock together. "Patrol!" she calls. "LightningClan!" he yowls. Their patrols come. "What do you want?" asks Featherleaf again. "Leader's orders." says the tom. Featherleaf suddenly recognizes him. Cloudstrike of LightningClan! "Go." says Featherleaf, lashing her tail. "You may take the mouse." Cloudstrike and his patrol take a step back. "Go!" says Featherleaf again, lashing her tail even harder. "And tell your leader about this!" Cloudstrike and his patrol bound back toward the border, and Featherleaf's patrol races back to camp.

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