do you want to be a warrior cat! well here is your answer: if you have a sister or brother, tell them about this site so they can get a better name and clan then you

YOUR first name is how we find the first part of your warrior Flower

if your name is Nathan you would be going down to the N symbol and pick one of the choices for your first part of your warrior name 

a = apple, fire, storm, stone, crow, leaf, silver

b = bird, eagle, palm, berry, light

c = grass, flower, frost, vole, mouse

d= snow, sun, cinder, pine, oak, wood

e = weed, squirrel, blue, red, orange

f = fuzzy, fuz, yellow, green, blue

g = acorn, clover, drift, feather, fern

h = bug, leaves, moss, berry, rock, sand

i = shell, snail, tree, branch, twig

j = jay, leaf, bright, crow, lion, toad

k = lizard, wild, mushroom, sea, shell, weed, seed

l = thorn, ruby, amber, crystal, diamond

m = stone, sun, cloud, moth, drift, dream, sky

n = apple, apricot, black, white, cherry, ash, grape,

o = lily, flax, blaze, corn, stripe, spot, fire, flame

p = greystripe tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, cheetah

q = daisy, stem, petal, bee, bumble

r = wind, thunder, sky, moon, bramble,

s =brook, cresent, light, dark, gold, shadow

t = tall, talon, morning, pur, claw

u = stripe, spot, wolf, hawk, fox

v = midnight, white, frost, ice, wave

w = water, running, fish, weed, stone , tree

x = otter, shrew, dirt, mud, ground, worm

y = yellow, sun, blaze , streak, lightning

z = russet, black, tar, bright, stick , sticky

if your name was Nathan and you choose White to be your first part of your warrior name you would be called White- something

the next part is you have to say your city that you live in.

e.g. Nathan lives in auckland

then you would be going down to the letter a because auckland starts with A:

the one you get is your last part of your warrior name e.g. Nathan would be Whiteclaw


a = claw

b = stripe

c = heart

d = leaf

e = fur

f = pelt

g = light

h = storm

i = tail

j = pad

k = fang

l = pelt

m = pool

n = feather

o = stream

p = fur

q = leg

r = flight

s = flower

t = tail

u = foot

v = leaf

w = fur

x = claw

y = kitten

z = heart

now for your clan

if Nathan was 10 he would be going down to the 10 symbol and that would be his clan

for example Nathan would be Whiteclaw from thunderclan


1 = ShadowClan

2 = ThunderClan

3 = LightningClan

4 = MoonClan

5 = SkyClan

6 = DarknessClan

7 = WaterfallClan

8 = SunClan

9 =TigerClan or LionClan you choose

10 = Thunderclan

11 = Shadowclan

12 = LeafClan

13 = SkyClan

14 = TreeClan

15 = RockClan

16 = BloodClan

17 = LionClan

18 = TigerClan

19 = ShadowClan

20 + = BloodClan or TigerClan or LionClan you choose

so there is your name and clan but what about color of cat:

if your last name was Doris you would go down to D and orange tabby would be your colour

a = brown

b = white

c = black + white

d = orang tabby

e = grey striped

f = tortiseshell

g = dark ginger

h = black

i = tabby

j = light brown

k = cream

l = brown

m= ginger

n = black and white

o = grey

p = mustard brown

q = black tabby[[Media:

r = torestishell]][[Media:Media:Example.ogg[[Media:Media:Example.ogg[[Media:Media:Example.ogg]]]]]]

s = cream with black tail

t = grey

u = white

File:Headline textMedia:Example.ogg Edit

v = brown

w = ginger

x = dark ginger

y = mustard brown

z = black with one white paw

so i am Whiteclaw in thunderclan So I am greystripe in thunderclan

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